Apr 02

Peptide vs Steroids: Straight Talk

By Brian Graham | Peptides

Peptides Vs Steroids: What’s The Deal As many people begin to seek a leg up in the gym they are led to investigate different resources for help. There are two typical routes someone might take to improve their performance and see better results: steroids or peptides. Peptides and steroids are both classified as performance enhancing […]

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Mar 27

The Power Of Fiber In Your Diet

By April Adao | Longevity , Weight Loss

Getting healthy by eating a proper diet is an admirable and necessary goal. There are so many diets out now that it is quite literally impossible to list them all. The desire to lose weight, get fit, or simply feel better leads people to try almost anything. Nutrition specialists like Lesia Atkinson, Functional Medicine Nutritionist […]

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Mar 11

Risks Of Using Peptides The Wrong Way

By Brian Graham | Peptides

There are associated risks with introducing virtually anything into your body. Vitamins, supplements, and medications all list various warnings about what could go wrong. While some risks are inherent, most problems arise by misusing a given product. Taking too much acetaminophen can have risks in the long term and warnings can be found everywhere about […]

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Mar 02

How Do Peptides Work?

By Andrew Wax | Longevity , Peptides

Peptides are seeing a surge in popularity. It is a well-deserved recognition as a properly designed and administered peptide therapy can have some astounding results. Peptides are used to modulate naturally occurring processes in your body to improve many aspects including health, wellness, fitness, and more. Some of these processes include healing or recovery, sleep, […]

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