Peptides In Bodybuilding – Gain An Advantage In The Gym

By Andrew Wax | Peptides

Apr 18

Those who look great and are in the best shape of their lives typically spend significant time at the gym.

The dedication required to get into that peak condition drives many people to seek a little help along the way.

There are myriad options for those looking for a little bit of a competitive advantage as they log hours under barbells and pulling machine handles.

Gym goers everywhere are constantly trying a new powder, pill, or even injectables to help them get ripped.

Peptides represent an option for those seeking a boost in their performance in the weight room and recovery outside the gym.

These “tiny proteins” can be used to influence how cells communicate and act.

Aiming at Goals With Peptides

The beauty of peptides is that they can be tailored to fit the goals you want to accomplish.

Have you heard any of these statements at the gym?

  • I want to get bigger.
  • I want to get stronger.
  • I want to get faster.
  • I want to run longer.

Each of these goals are different and peptides are able to attack each of them in a different way.

Peptides Encourage Muscle Growth

Peptides are able to encourage the process of muscle growth known as hypertrophy.

Modulating the production of growth hormones like Insulin-Like Growth Factor while increasing the output of testosterone creates a powerful tool for encouraging muscle growth.

Peptide therapies can provide a safe way to get past that plateau of not gaining lean muscle mass.

Better Recovery Means Better Performance

The process of building muscle requires a stage of recovery.

Muscle fibers are quite literally healing and becoming thicker (think: bigger) as you rest.

Unfortunately, for some, this process can be painful or take a long time.

Peptides step in to impact this phase of getting better in the gym by vastly improving the recovery process.

This is possible in multiple ways.

The most obvious piece of any gym rat’s recovery plan is sleep.

Good sleep can be challenging and the built-in alarm clock called cortisol often disrupts good sleep patterns.

Growth hormone, encouraged by peptide treatment, will ultimately suppress cortisol allowing once fitful sleepers better recovery time.

Type II collagen deposition via peptide signaling promotes faster physical healing to get you back to peak performance quickly.

This collagen is a main component of most soft tissue, including muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Utilization of certain peptides will increase blood flow to existing, damaged structures by way of a process called angiogenesis.

This combined with the deposition of type II collagen creates a blast of healing power that can get you back to the weights quickly.

By encouraging natural processes, peptides improve recovery times and get you back to the gym ready to attack your goals.

The proper recovery means you will get the most out of your hard work.

Take the Advantage

Peptides can increase your muscle mass and decrease your recovery time.

These two factors combined give you the upper hand at the gym, on the field, or during the race.

Each person has different goals and the specialists at Boulder Longevity Institute know exactly how to reach each of them.

Take the advantage and reach out to see how they can help you be better than you thought possible.

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