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Do You Suffer From Knee Pain?

We're seeking Boulder area patients for a clinical trial of new peptide-based Arthritis treatment for knee pain.


Our services provide our clients with access to the most advanced, research-based longevity medicine available, medicine not generally available through more traditional health care channels.

All of our consultations, treatments, diagnostic tests, supplementation, and nutrition offerings are presented in a way that is totally unique in healthcare today: with a focus on you as a welcomed and respected client, and with a focus on not just making you feel better, but on making you feel the best you possibly can.


Our clinicians utilize the latest diagnostic tests and treatment options, and take the time to educate you about what will work best. 



All of our consultations can be conducted either in person or by phone, based on what is most convenient for you. Our lab network and remote patient technologies ensure that you always get the highest level of information, education, and personalized service.


Longevity Consultations

Initial Consultation

Get started on your journey to better longevity and wellness by spending an hour or more with a highly trained and expert.

Even before your initial consultation, as you fill out your extensive New Client Packet health history, you begin to see that BLI offers a whole different way of taking care of your health. When was the last time you had an hour or more to simply sit and talk about your health and health goals with a highly trained and experienced medical provider? And with a medical provider that actually has answers as to why you’re feeling the way you do and what you can do about it, versus just telling you “hey, you’re getting old” or “that’s what happens at menopause”. During your Initial Consultation with your BLI provider you will receive a one-on-one consultation that includes:

  • A thorough analysis and discussion of your health history and current health status.
  • An in-depth, comprehensive discussion of any and all of your health concerns and questions.
  • Initial education about what may be causing your health challenges and how you can address them.
  • A detailed review of your personal wellness and longevity goals.
  • An analysis of what diagnostic labs should be performed specifically for you and why.
  • Preliminary treatment recommendations on what you can do today to start addressing your health concerns.
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Lab Review Consultation

Analysis of advanced diagnostic tests guide your personalized treatment program.

During this informative visit, you will learn the detailed results of your advanced diagnostic labs and receive your comprehensive written treatment plan. The session includes:

    1. Sophisticated graphical laboratory reports covering the full array of areas essential to your personal longevity and wellness, including:

Critical hormones and other key markers that help where you currently stand on your road to longevity.

  • Cellular Nutrition levels – not just the short-term levels of nutrients found in your blood serum, but rather an actual cellular level analysis representing your body’s ongoing ability to absorb and utilize essential nutrients.
  • Cellular Oxidative Profile – a highly advanced diagnostic test that determines your cells’ ability to prevent oxidation of free radicals, a key cause of disease and aging.


  • An unparalleled focus on education that allows you to clearly understand precisely what your lab results, combined with your health history, mean. Not just in terms of levels and percentages, but more importantly, what they mean for your overall wellness and longevity.
  • A comprehensive, personalized written treatment plan, designed specifically around your laboratory results, health history, and longevity goals. Included are detailed treatment recommendations that are the result of thorough analysis and assessment by your highly trained BLI provider and include specific recommendations on:


  • Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy
  • Specialty supplementation unique to your specific wellness status and goals
  • General nutritional supplementation and diet recommendations
  • Lifestyle and fitness recommendations


  • Background information, research, and educational materials to support the array of information you will receive during the consultation.


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Check-In Consultation

A quick check-in with a provider to discuss how your new treatment plan is going and get all of your questions and concerns addressed.

After a few weeks on your in-depth treatment program, we like to set up a quick Check-In appointment, in-person or by phone, to get all your questions and concerns addressed. In this Check-In Consultation your provider will answer anything and everything about the treatment plan that want to know now that you have had some time on it. With the Check-In Consultation BLI can ensure you are getting the most from your plan and that you are fully versed in the whys, whens, and what fors of your program.

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Follow-Up Consultation

Review of follow-up labs make sure you’re on still on the longevity track.

To ensure a safe, effective, and problem-free course of treatment your provider will recommend follow-up visits to review and discuss updated labs, answer any new questions you may have, discuss your progress and results, and make any necessary modifications to your treatment plan. The time to your next follow-up, and the lab results needed for that follow-up, will be determined by your provider at the end of each consultation, based on your progress and the complexity of your individual situation.

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General Consultation

Have a new health concern or question? Set up a general consultation anytime.

Have a new health concern? Questions about the health of a loved one? Discovered some new information relevant to your situation? Want to further your education about your specific situation? Any time you feel the need to contact your provider to discuss issues or concerns about you, your health, your treatment program, or any health-related topic at all, just set up a General Consultation. Like our other consultations, General Consultations can be conducted in person or via phone. In addition, you can submit General Consultation questions via email. These cost-effective consultations ensure you get the information (outside of lab results & prescriptions) you need when you need it.

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Thanks Sybille!! For the first time today, I felt BETTER! HUGE!


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Specialty Consultations

Nutritional Consultation

Meet with our Certified Nutritional Therapist to discuss weight loss, eating healthy, and optimal nutrition.

Personal Trainer Consultation

With the impressive improvements in strength, energy, and mood so many of our clients experience through our treatment, many are motivated to begin or restart a regular training regimen. BLI offers consultations/training sessions with qualified personal trainers that are thoroughly vetted and knowledgeable about the BLI process.


BLI Subscription Program

This optional monthly subscription program (12 months minimum) provides unlimited, no-charge access to all our consultation services and includes a number of additional discounts and benefits.

This one-year program includes your Lab Review, all Follow-up visits, and unlimited General Consultation visits (in person, phone, email). Have a particularly complex case or just want to have easy access to you provider without worrying about the cost each time?
The BLI Personal Longevity Subscription Program is the perfect plan. For essentially the cost of a 45-minute General Consultation per month, you receive virtually unlimited consultation and education from your provider, plus all of these additional benefits:

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  • Lab Review $0 Included in Program
  • Follow-up Visits $0 Included in Program
  • General Consultations $0 Included in Program
  • Follow-up Lab Discount 5% off list**
  • Supplement Discount 15% off list + 10% additional***
  • Supplement Order Tracking Yes – We track it for you
  • Injections 10% discount off 10 punch cards
  • Nutrition Services 10% discount off hourly rate
  • LifeExtension Magazine Free Subscription
  • Office Visit Scheduling Priority
  • Supplement Shipping Free****
  • Rate Increase Protection Program Fee Fixed for 2 Year

** Applies to Alcat and Doctors Data Labs Only
*** Does not apply to any specialty non-Life Extension Brand supplements
**** BLI Origination Shipments – One per month.