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Boulder Longevity Institute offers our clients a complete range of unique, innovative, and personalized services. Our clients enjoy access to the most advanced, research-based longevity medicine available and not generally accessible through more traditional health care channels. By combining orthopedics, regenerative medicine, and cellular medicine, BLI offers the latest in leading-edge treatment options.

We specialize in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Regenerative Orthopedic Procedures, Regenerative Peptide Therapy, and a results-oriented approach to optimizing your health.


Boulder Longevity

We provide foundational health with a cellular lens for health-motivated individuals who seek to optimize their well-being. Ready to feel better than ever?

Human Optimization Academy

BLI created the Human Optimization Academy packed full of educational videos, guides, and hands-on resources to help you take control of your health now.

Optimizing Human Potential Health

Guided by the experience and expertise of an elite medical network, we’ve brought to you several trusted partners including OHP Health for your supplement needs.


Elizabeth Yurth, MD

Led By Dr. Elizabeth Yurth

Unlike other providers, BLI offers forward-thinking services guided by education, experience, and patient-centric care. Together, we help people feel better than they ever thought possible.  An incredible quality of life is within your reach.


“Betsy, You are the best doctor! We do what we are gifted to do and if I had not found you, I’d still be in bed for half the day – sleeping!”


54 y.o. Female