The National Institute of Health estimates over 20 million people suffer from peripheral neuropathy. They also acknowledge that this number may be highly under-represented since there a other forms of neuropathy that don’t cause pain. Add to that only recently it was shown that Fibromyalgia has a neuropathy and small fiber nerve damage component so add to that another 12 million – almost all women. The most insidious type of nerve degradation that rarely gets reported due to lack of pain attacks the organs in the body. Remove the nerve impulses from the heart, liver, pancreas or brain and slowly your body begins to fail. Most neuropathies are treated with drugs like Cymbalta in an attempt to mitigate the pain. They often don’t work and carry horrible unwanted effects. The peptide Cibinetide (ARA 290)  looks to be the first thing that addresses the problem by fixing and repairing the nerves as opposed to masking the symptoms.

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