12 Days of Holiday Health with Boulder Longevity Institute

At BLI, we get the opportunity to work alongside and collaborate with some of the coolest people you’ll ever meet! Whether they are a practicing clinician, motivated researcher, innovative entrepreneur, or passionate educator, the people we work with share our passion for changing lives and making medicine better!

This year’s Holiday Gift Guide is inspired by the tips, tricks, products, and hacks discovered by our team and through our community! Check out our 12 Days of Holiday Health Gift Guide to see some of our team’s favorite things and hopefully spark ideas for some healthy holiday gifts this season!

For the Skincare Junkie

Young Goose Skincare

Use Code BLI for 5% off

Dr. Yurth loves the YG C.A.R.E. Moisturizer and Bio Retinol Serum!

For The Smoothie Lover

Spermidine Life PRO+
OHP Everyday Immunity

These two powders are staples in Dr. Yurth’s morning smoothie.

For the Cyclist

FITDESK Bike Chair
Cubii Mini Elliptical

 You can find our PA Emily taking telehealth appointments while pedaling on her bike chair!

For the Biohacker

True Light Luna Red Luminaire

This biohacker must have changes light throughout the day to reset your circadian rhythm to match normal day/night light patterns.

For The Hiker

 Xero Barefoot Hiking Boots

The Xero team is based right in our Boulder backyard, but we recently connected at a conference all the way in California. Dr. Yurth and Courtney have matching Xero tennis shoes that they wear to the gym every day.

For the Sauna-Lover

Mito Red Light

Use Code BLI for 5% off

For those of us that don’t have space for a sauna, but still want to get the health benefits of red light.

For the wannabe Wim Hof

Cold Plunge Tub

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone that hates the cold more than Dr. Yurth, but even she powers through the occasional cold plunge for its well known health benefits!

For The Bibliophile

Lisa Tamati Books
Breaking Alzheimer’s
Tony Robbins Life Force

A few of our favorite reads breaking down the complex longevity world into chewable pieces. 

For the Guru

Caroline Leaf Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess
NeuroCycle App
BrainTap – $100 off!

After learning about the important research and education being put out by Dr. Leaf and team, Dr. Yurth refers many of her patients to her mindfulness app.

For the Stressed


Stress is inevitable, but there are ways to manage it a physiological level through Vagus Nerve Stimulation.



For The Newbie

QuickCourse: What To Fix First
Peptide Protocols Volume 1

Two top recommendations for those looking to learn the basics of Cellular Medicine.

For the Traveler

TRX Mini Bands

Dr. Yurth Favorite! Often on the road for conferences, TRX bands are an easy way to uplevel your hotel exercise.

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Published December 2, 2022
Categories: Cellular Medicine

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