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At What Age Should We Start Thinking about Longevity?

“Aging is a reality of the living.” What a thought-provoking statement by Dr. Elizabeth Yurth, co-founder and medical director of the Boulder Longevity Institute. We often consider the process of...

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Zombie Cells

Zombie Cells

Did you know that there are actually zombies in real life!? Not that long ago, back in 2019, some scientists from British Columbia made a very eerie discovery in the Ecuadorian...

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Alcohol Trends To Consider

Alcohol Trends To Consider

The holiday season fades away ever so slightly and the quick burst of Valentine’s Day energy climbs back into its hiding place for another year. Another party season lurks just...

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Guest Article: Supporting Skin Health: Reversing the Decline of Spermidine

Dr. Yurth authored an article featured on Dermascope breaking down autophagy and spermidine's history and role in controlling it. Read Article

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