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Jun 02

How Hormones Affect Your Overall Health

By BLI Staff | Optimize

When do you think you need to start worrying about hormones? It’s never too early or too late to start taking control of your health, and hormones play a major role.  Most of the time hormones aren’t thought of until you get older and symptoms start to appear that affect your quality of life. It […]

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May 05

Discussing Healthspan vs Lifespan with Craig Harper

By BLI Staff | Podcasts

Dr. Yurth is passionate about empowering people to live in a healthy, functional, high-performance state for as long as possible. These days, her primary focus is around functional medicine, regenerative medicine, integrative medicine and of course, longevity. During this chat, we cover plenty of territory, including fat-loss, sleep, building muscle (after 50) and big picture […]

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