Circadian Clock

We have all heard of the importance of our circadian rhythms in terms of sleep – but did you know that our internal circadian clock impacts nearly every facet of our health? We evolved with the cycles of night and day, as well as summer, spring, fall, and winter. As a result, our bodies developed around performing specific functions and specific times. The timing of your circadian clock is heavily impacted by everything from nutrition, hormones, and seasonal light changes to stress and noise pollution. Boulder Longevity Institute (BLI) assists clients by taking a comprehensive look at lifestyle influences and creating a strategy aimed at resetting and realigning to your circadian clock so it can better regulate your internal rhythms and stabilize your body’s cycles. Are you looking for research-backed techniques and innovative practices to optimize your daily activities as well as improve your sleep rhythms? Discover BLI’s circadian clock articles, where we take a deep dive into the various components of your circadian clock and explore the impact of timing on health. Learn how factors like nutrition, hormones, peptides, and supplements can get your body’s schedule back on track, and for a more in-depth look into how to improve your circadian clock, join the BLI Human Optimization Academy.

Get Back In Rhythm

Get Back In Rhythm

Restore Your Body and Brain’s Natural Clock What are circadian rhythms? Our bodies are designed around a circadian clock. There is a time, controlled largely by genetics and...

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