Whole-body wellness hinges on strong connections and foundational collaboration between all processes and systems in the body and mind. When just one system is operating at less than optimal levels, your entire body feels the impact and is at risk of becoming imbalanced due to increased workloads and overcompensation. Foundational health seeks to resolve these imbalances by approaching wellness at the deepest possible level of causation. At Boulder Longevity Institute (BLI), we focus on finding the root cause of the root cause, meaning we manage the entire body at a cellular level instead of only treating symptoms with methods designed for temporary relief. BLI’s foundational health model uses detailed cellular assessments to capture a comprehensive image of your overall health. We drill down to the cellular reasoning behind your symptoms and explain which foundational health steps are needed to bring your body back to peak performance. Uncover steps toward rebuilding your foundational health with BLI’s foundational health articles. We reveal the latest research-driven, innovative ways to improve your wellness with foundational health strategies aimed at resolving your concerns at the cellular level. Looking for customized foundational health suggestions? Start your journey toward whole-human foundational wellness here.

Get Back In Rhythm

Get Back In Rhythm

Restore Your Body and Brain’s Natural Clock What are circadian rhythms? Our bodies are designed around a circadian clock. There is a time, controlled largely by genetics and...

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