Inflammaging, or inflammation during aging, describes the chronic, low-grade inflammation that occurs in the human body with no outward signs of infection. Acute inflammation in response to stress is actually healthy; but ongoing stressors to the body caused by our environments (i.e. toxins, diet, poor sleep quality) and daily lives is not. Inflammaging occurs as a result of multiple lifestyle choices, genetic factors, and environmental triggers. Connected scientifically to diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer, inflammaging is responsible for decreased immune health that continues to decline as we age. If not addressed through lifestyle interventions and treatments, inflammaging creates a destructive cycle that leaves the body vulnerable to a host of health complications and negative consequences. At Boulder Longevity Institute (BLI), we reach beyond symptomatic inflammaging treatments like steroids or NSAIDs and instead focus on finding the root cause of your inflammation, stopping the inflammaging cycle in its tracks and delivering entire-body results. Curious about the role of inflammaging in your overall health and wellness? Explore our inflammaging articles to learn more about inflammaging root causes, lifestyle impacts, and improvement programs. We also offer self-paced online content in our BLI Human Optimization Academy so you can easily take control of your health and secure a future free from inflammaging.

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