As human beings, we want nothing more than to live long, happy, healthy lives. Longevity is a key component of our plans for the future; we see ourselves living well into our mature years, surrounded by rewards from a lifetime of hard work. We don’t wish to quell our longevity with pain, disease, or injuries, but instead want to thrive in optimal wellness conditions. This is why Boulder Longevity Institute (BLI) believes in healthspan instead of lifespan – longevity is not just defined by the number of years you live, but the quality and health of those years. We don’t treat symptoms on the surface; we dive deep into the cellular components affecting human longevity and aim to resolve imbalances in the body with scientifically-proven techniques. The time to focus on longevity is yesterday, as science shows the earlier we engage in preventative practices aimed at improving longevity, the better the results. Join BLI as we discuss longevity and wellness in our longevity articles, designed to give you a front-row seat to new scientific research and technology. Ready to jumpstart your longevity prevention efforts? Visit our BLI Human Optimization Academy to learn more about our longevity courses.



 - - Plasmalogens are a vital lipid in the body. They are a specialized phospholipid found in all human tissue that is quite prevalent in the brain, heart, lungs, eyes, and...

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