Interested in taking the power of Tomorrow’s Medicine Today with you anywhere you go? Discover Boulder Longevity Institute’s (BLI’s) podcasts with Dr. Elizabeth Yurth. Dr. Yurth is passionate about sharing innovative, life-changing wellness techniques that reach beyond the symptom-only standards of traditional medical practices and instead treat the entire body and mind as one unique, connected component. Listen from the comfort of your home, car, or earbuds as she shares the latest cutting-edge medical developments aimed at optimizing your health and balancing your internal rhythms. BLI podcasts with Dr. Yurth dive deep into topics and tips like managing menopause and better understanding hormones, using regenerative medicine to combat osteoarthritis, and how to slow down aging. Each BLI podcast episode is filled to the brim with groundbreaking wellness options, expert guest speakers, and easy-to-follow discussions that place the future of health and wellness in the palm of your hand. Interested in finding more comprehensive information about one of the programs you learned about while listening to a BLI podcast? Become a member of BLI’s Human Optimization Academy and discover how you can optimize your health and secure wellness for years to come.

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