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Jul 22

Advanced Fat Loss With Peptides

By BLI Staff | Podcasts , Uncategorized

Strategies to tackle stubborn fat loss, how the immune system gets involved, and more!   In this week’s episode, Dr Elizabeth Yurth is back on the Biohacking Superhuman Performance podcast with Nathalie Niddam, talking about fat loss in particular for stubborn cases where people just seem to get stuck…we talk about some of the newer […]

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Jul 05

Save Your Joints, Hormones & Injuries, Regenerative Medicine and Osteoarthritis

By BLI Staff | Podcasts

Dr. Yurth sits down with Hack My Age podcast host, Zora Benhamou, to discuss the root cause of all diseases including osteoarthritis and what we need to know about regenerative medicine before considering surgery for our knees, hips and shoulders. Yes, there are many non-surgical non- or minimally-invasive treatments for arthritis, inflammaging and other degenerative […]

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May 05

Discussing Healthspan vs Lifespan with Craig Harper

By BLI Staff | Podcasts

Dr. Yurth is passionate about empowering people to live in a healthy, functional, high-performance state for as long as possible. These days, her primary focus is around functional medicine, regenerative medicine, integrative medicine and of course, longevity. During this chat, we cover plenty of territory, including fat-loss, sleep, building muscle (after 50) and big picture […]

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Apr 24

How To Live A Long And Healthy Life

By Elizabeth F. Yurth, MD | Podcasts

In this podcast Dr. Yurth talks with My Home Vitality about simple, scientifically proven, methods that anyone can use to improve their health and live longer. A few highlights: Start with getting your immune system healthier! Everything starts to fail after immune dysregulation. It’s imperative that we look after our immune systems! – muscle building, […]

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