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Dr. Yurth, I am feeling so much better in the past week, I am ecstatic! I have my fingers crossed that I will continue to feel better, more energetic, balanced & more flexible with less stiffness & pain! I can’t thank you enough!! I am making recommendations to my family, friends and patients to see you! I feel like I am getting my Life back!

M.W ,

55 y.o. Female

Dr. Yurth—-thank you for the informative visit last week! We appreciate your caring attention!


47 y.o. Female


First of all THANK YOU so much for arranging (around my ridiculous schedule) for me to see Dr Yurth last night to review my lab results. After 2+ years of being passed around from specialist to specialist, I feel I have FINALLY found the person and place who can look at my situation with the “big picture” in mind. I can’t really put into words how grateful I feel. She is truly amazing.


53 y.o. Female

Betsy, You are the best doctor! We do what we are gifted to do and if I had not found you, I’d still be in bed for half the day – sleeping!


54 y.o. Female


[Dr. Yurth] YOU are so amazing…I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help. People like you are so rare. THANK YOU.


59 y.o. Female

You could do a testimonial webpage about me on the BLI website. Yesterday I ran the Pikes Peak Ascent in 2:50 (25th place, 2nd in the 50-54 age group). My previous times were 2:52 2007 age 45 2:54 2010 age 48 2:53 2011 age 49 2:50 2012 age 50 My Bolder Boulder this year was my best in five years: 37:10 2007 age 45 37:40 2008 age 46 37:29 2009 age 47 37:48 2010 age 48 37:57 2011 age 49 37:24 2012 age 50 The West End 3K this year was the fastest I’ve ever done, and beat the All-American standard by 30 seconds. My Pearl Street Mile this year was 5:10, same as last year, and the All-American Standard is 5:10. This is the best summer I’ve had in years, maybe BLI has something to do with that.


50 y.o. Male