The Seeds Scientific Research and Performance Institute (SSRP) was founded by Dr. William Seeds, a renowned surgeon and a premier leader in the world of peptide research.

SSRP boasts a roster of top-flight medical researchers whose like-minded dedication to learning and development is a resource for myriad health professionals in the area of medical advancement.

Evidence based research is at the core of SSRP, leading to its rise as the preeminent source of teachings in the latest, proven therapies.

As a founding faculty member, Dr. Elizabeth Yurth is grateful for the opportunity to teach, lead, and help design courses for the SSRP and its Mastermind programming. Joining this group at the forefront of studying cellular medicine aligns with her principles of bringing tomorrow’s medicine to the patients of today.

Dr. Yurth also supports medical professionals seeking to be on the cutting edge of medical practice with office hours availability and hands-on training centered around the most advanced medical injections, including peptides, platelets, and stem cells.

Mastermind 3 – The Four Seasons, Orlando, Florida

The Boulder Longevity Institute was well represented at Mastermind 3, as Dr. Yurth was joined by Brian Graham, BLI’s Certified Peptide Specialist and Director of BLI’s Medically Managed Peptide Program, as well as David Van Bussum, BLI’s CEO. The event took place in Orlando, Florida in late February 2021.

Dr. Yurth helped organize and teach an immersive training experience, which involved bringing cadavers into the Four Seasons’ grand ballroom for the purpose of guiding 35 medical professionals through the most effective injection techniques grounded in years of experience and research.

Mastermind 3 – Significance of Molecular Pathways and Peptide Signaling in Microbiome/Gut Health, Cardiovascular System, and Respiratory Disease

Affectionately known as the second brain, the gut microbiome is an appropriate starting point for overall patient health. 

The Mastermind 3 focus was on the gut microbiome – metabolic advancements, nutrition, and GI treatments. 

The core theme throughout the discussions and lectures was on the concept that the microbiome is directly related to aging and that an improved gut microbiome can result in increased longevity, as well as decreased disease outcomes.

Dr. Yurth to Attend Mastermind 4 in Chicago, Illinois – Significance of Molecular Pathways and Peptide Signaling in Aging, Auto-Immune Disease, Infections, and Cancer

Mastermind 4 will take place in Chicago May 21 and May 22, 2021. The focus will be on improved disease outcomes via cutting edge treatments and proven protocols.

This Mastermind segment will explore the use of peptides and other advanced therapies to potentially reverse the impacts of disease as we know them.

Registration for Mastermind 4 is currently open. The summit will be virtual and offers a certification after the conclusion of the event. 

Join Dr. William Seeds, best selling author of Peptide Protocols Vol. 1, and Dr. Elizabeth Yurth, co-founder and medical director of Boulder Longevity Institute, to gain a deeper understanding of the causes of autoimmune disease, infections, and cancer, through the lens of cellular medicine and anti-aging medicine, and how it will affect the future of these treatments in order to improve patient outcomes.

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Published March 19, 2021
Categories: Conferences

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