Today we’re talking about the crucial world of women’s hormonal health with Dr. Elizabeth Yurth from the Boulder Longevity Institute. We discuss how hormonal imbalances impact everything from chronic disease to daily vitality. We also demystify hormone replacement therapy, emphasizing its importance beyond just reproductive health. Dr. Yurth offers her expertise on personalized hormone management, the protective role of estrogen and testosterone, and how individuals can empower themselves with knowledge to access cutting-edge treatments for a healthier life.

In this episode, Dr. Yurth and Karen Martel discuss:
✅ Why misconceptions about hormone replacement therapy persist despite new evidence.
✅ Why personalized hormone management is crucial for optimal health outcomes.
✅ What the true risks of breast cancer are when considering hormone replacement.
🎧 Click below to tune into: From Breast Cancer to Bone Health: The Uncharted Territory of HRT & Chronic Diseases in Menopause

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Published January 13, 2024
Categories: Podcasts

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