Dr. Yurth & Modern Healthspan: Aging, Peptides, Autophagy, & More | Boulder Longevity Institute

Join us for an enlightening interview series with Dr. Yurth, an esteemed expert in longevity medicine and the founder of Boulder Longevity Institute. These thought-provoking interviews with Modern Healthspan provide a wealth of knowledge, offering a glimpse into cutting-edge research and strategies that can contribute to a healthier and more vibrant life. Watch below!

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Episode 1: How Do You Know If You Are Aging Well?

  • Discover the motivation behind the establishment of the Boulder Longevity Institute and the key metrics she employs to evaluate true health.

Episode 2: How Peptides Help With Anti-Aging

  • Dr. Yurth demystifies peptides and their potential impact on extending lifespan.

Episode 3: Activating Autophagy With Spermidine While Growing Muscle

  • Learn about the intriguing role of spermidine as an autophagy activator and Dr. Yurth’s approach to muscle maintenance and growth.
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Published May 22, 2023
Categories: Podcasts

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