Are you ready to revolutionize your understanding of orthopedics and cellular medicine? This episode features Dr. Elizabeth Yurth, a double board-certified physician in physical medicine, rehabilitation, anti-aging, and regenerative medicine. Dr. Yurth shares her journey from traditional orthopedics to a holistic approach influenced by performance athletes and bodybuilders. We discuss the game-changing potential of cellular medicine, including exosomes for arthritis treatment, and explore the complex balance needed for effective NAD supplementation.

Ever questioned the effectiveness of arthroscopic surgery for arthritis? Dr. Yurth sheds light on why arthroscopic surgery is controversial and often detrimental, especially for patients over 30. Discover the promising potential of repurposed drugs like pentosin polysulfate and learn how they could revolutionize arthritis treatment. We also delve into the intricacies of metabolic dysfunctions, personalized medicine, and the need to understand cellular pathways to better treat conditions like diabetes and autoimmune disorders.

From optimizing cellular health for longevity to discussing practical health strategies, this episode is packed with actionable insights. We explore the benefits of NAD precursors like NMN and NR, the importance of CD38 blockers, and the potential of 1-MNA for improving endurance and muscle strength. Dr. Yurth also highlights the benefits of repurposing medications like low-dose Cialis and the necessity of hormone replacement therapy as we age. Join us for an enlightening conversation that promises to equip you with the knowledge to make proactive health investments and embrace cutting-edge medical advancements.

In this episode, Dr. Yurth and Stephen McCain discuss :
✅ New & successful treatments for arthritis, including exosomes and repurposed drugs like pentosin polysulfate.
✅ Understanding cellular pathways to help treat conditions like metabolic dysfunctions, diabetes & autoimmune disorders.
✅ The benefits of CD38 and NNMT blockers to help raise NAD for improving endurance and muscle strength.
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Published June 25, 2024
Categories: Podcasts

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