In this episode of “The Human Upgrade,” you will learn from Dr. Elizabeth Yurth, an expert in orthopedics, cellular medicine, and regenerative medicine, about the significant health benefits of spermidine, a supplement that enhances longevity and supports robust health. Dr. Yurth discusses the crucial role of spermidine in promoting autophagy, the body’s natural process for clearing out damaged cells, which can lead to better cellular health and a more youthful body. She also dives into how spermidine supports kidney health and how it can be combined with NAD to maximize anti-aging effects. Additionally, you will discover practical tips from Dr. Yurth on integrating these powerful supplements into your daily routine to maintain energy levels, improve cellular function, and sustain a vigorous and healthy life as you age. This episode provides deep insights into making informed choices about supplements that support long-term health goals. 

In this episode, Dr. Yurth and Dave Asprey discuss the spermidine as a foundational longevity supplement :
✅ Spermidine’s critical role in the polyamine flux pathway and it’s importance in cellular function & optimization.
✅ How up-regulating autophagy is beneficial for all systems in the body along with spermidine’s crucial function in the process.
✅ The benefits of the compound, Ribetril along with how to boost NAD with 1-MNA.
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Published May 23, 2024
Categories: Podcasts

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