Endopat Testing

One of the powerful diagnostic tools we utilize here at Boulder Longevity Institute is Endopat Testing.  It is a perfect example of our ongoing drive to incorporate cutting edge medical technologies into practice.

Endopat testing has until recently only been applied in research settings, but its powerful diagnostic capabilities are a valuable addition to our BLI toolset.  So much so, that we’re migrating all BLI clients to this test.

It is a powerful tool and can give insight into your likelihood of some serious chronic diseases.

What Is EndoPAT Testing?

We like to explain EndoPAT testing as a way to discover your baseline risk for major cardiac and metabolic event.  It offers invaluable data into your immediate risk of serious and life-altering medical problems.  We use it in combination with your genomic profile data to create a roadmap of your body’s predispositions.  EndoPAT testing is an incredibly accurate, highly correlated test that helps us not only get to root drivers of YOUR health, but also to prioritize any serious potential issues so we can deal with them immediately…often before they turn into serious issues.

How Does EndoPAT Testing Work?

EndoPAT testing looks at a specific aspect in the health of your vascular system.  When sufficient nitric oxide isn’t available to the inner lining of your vascular tissues, it can result is something called endothelial dysfunction.  This is essentially a general term for compromised vascular function which can lead to a host of more serious health complications.  A recent study (1) defined endothelial dysfunction as “the ultimate risk of risk factors,”  functioning as a integrated indicator of cardiac risk factors.

(1) Lerman A and Zeiher A. Endothelial Function, Cardiac events, Circulation 2005, 111,363-368

How Do We Use EndoPAT Testing?

At BLI, we use endoPAT testing as a key piece of understanding how your body works, what it will and won’t respond to, and what serious health events you might experience.  In conjunction with your detailed genomics profile we’re able to build a lens through which we can create a functional medicine approach that is custom tailored to YOUR biology.  The endoPAT test offers insight everyone should have for themselves.  This service is absolutely cutting edge and hard to find. We offer it in a direct to client relationship and will help you understand the life-changing information contained in the test along with how to apply it.


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