Beyond Custom:

Precision Medicine Through “The Epigenetic Lens”

Continuing our role as both provider and a thought leader in the world of tomorrow’s medicine, our approach to customized medicine has evolved to a precision.
Recent discoveries in the human genome have uncovered a new level of resolution into how we are able to customize your treatments.  For us, it has become an entire new way of seeing things.  We call it “The Epigenetic Lens.”  Simply put, it is a customized way of viewing health and disease through the “lens” of your unique genes. 

In the past, we’ve used 2 points of data to craft customized treatments: lab work and clinical manifestations (how you’re feeling).

But now we’re able to view both of those through “The Epigenetic Lens” and offer a degree of precision never before available.

Every Gene Has A Dimmer Switch

Your genes create a specific combination of expressions that can tell us how your body is predisposed to respond to treatments.  Each of these expressions behaves like a dimmer switch on a lightbulb.

We use your specific gene expression combination to determine what diets are good or bad for you, what supplements will work for you and myriad other predispositions.

This is such powerful insight that when we go over this information, our clients tell us it is like having their mind read.

Then, by modifying nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle we can affect the expression of particular genes, effectively dimming the gene’s negative expression.

The end result?

 Better, faster and safer treatment plans.

BLI’s Epigenetic Lens approach is a way of looking at your health that ensures every action we take is precisely optimizing YOUR human potential.

Our 3 Step Process:

1. Your DNA Test

We’ll assist you in collecting a genetic sample (saliva sample) and sending it to the lab to get your genetic profile. You only need to do this once as the results are valid for your entire lifetime.
2. Your Genetic Profile

Once we have your test results, our doctors run them through our propriety genomic templates to uncover your genetic profile. This is our exclusive combination of sophisticated, data-driven algorithms and hands-on expertise. We distill the industry noise around genes and health into curated, actionable items.
The output is a clear roadmap of how your genetic profile translates into the areas of Nutrition, Mental Function, Activity/Performance and more. It gives you a genetic starting point on what to do and what not to do for your body.
3. Your Plan

Using the genetic profile, you’re doctor will create a customized plan to optimize your human potential.  During a detailed 1-on-1 walk through, your doctor will explain  so you understand everything and get all your questions answered. We ‘ll identify your “snips” (SNP, single nucleotide polymorphism) and tell you what they mean.


Using this Epigenetic Lens Approach, we work with clients focusing on the areas of:

  • Optimizing Human Potential
  • Mental Clarity
  • Sleep Hygiene
  • Nutrition (both Weight Loss & muscle building)
  • Supplementation
  • Workout/Performance Enhancement
  • Much More…

How Can Epigenetics Help Me?

Putting aside the complicated medical terms for a moment, our epigenetic lens offers clarity.

Real health and vitality are ours for the taking.  However the problem of what to do, when to do it, and having to sifting through mountains of seemingly contradictory information can stand in the way of you stepping into that health.

This confusion happens because modern medicine has been approaching health based on one key (false) assumption: What works for one person should work for everyone.

This just isn’t the case.

And that single point of clarity unlocks an entirely new approach to realizing true health.  Epigenetics is how we translate that understanding into action.



Who is this for?

BLI’s genomics based approach to health, wellness and longevity is for individuals seeking to optimize their human potential. If you want to age well, minimize aches and pains, increase energy levels and libido, stay sharp or just maintain a high quality of life, this is for you.

How is this different that normal DNA tests? ie 23andMe

DNA tests are part of the equation and you can certainly benefit from knowing your genetic profile. In fact, we use a standard genetic profile test to start. But the real impact comes through translating that profile into actionable treatment plan options. We have developed proprietary templates that understand the complex interplay between genes and their expression. This allows us to go far beyond the basics offered by genetic profiles alone, and instead create treatment plans that work.

Can't this be done by a machine/computer?

In the world of professional chess, the pinnacle of the game is chessmaster + computer vs chessmaster + computer. The human expertise coupled with technology allows for a level of sophistication far beyond what a human or computer can provide on their own. Our medicine works the same way. Cutting edge technology in the hands of expert doctors creates the best treatment plans.

Will my insurance cover this?

No.  This is a cutting edge approach for individuals who understand that the most powerful medicine in the world moves faster than insurance institutions.

Can this help with my ______?

The human body is capable of remarkable things when given the conditions and material it needs to thrive.  If you have a specific symptom or goal you’re interested in exploring, call our offices and we will let you know if we can help.

How Is BLI Different?

BLI isn’t just using an epigenetic approach.  We’re refining how it is done.  This is a new enough field that a company simply stating they use an epigenetic approach seems to be enough.  But where most companies look at 6 “snips,” we look at 100+ AND their interrelationships.  This resolution is unprecedented in this field at this time and in our experience has been able to identify incorrect conclusions “discovered” from the less in-depth readings.  We’ve seen numerous reports from genomic profiles that offer conflicting or incorrect conclusions simply because they’re only looking at a small number of snips.

The bottom line is a weekend certification in epigenetics isn’t sufficient to master these power tools. It is only through our years of clinic work with patients and hours spent understanding these crucial interlinked relationships that we’re able to do this at the level we do.  Schedule an appointment today to see for yourself.

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