What is it?

The BLI Assessment is BLI’s most comprehensive initial service offering, providing you with a complete evaluation of your overall cellular health. During the BLI Assessment, we analyze key biomarkers across foundational pillars of hormone, nutrition, cardiometabolic, adrenal & general health domains.

The BLI Assessment is the first step in our Cellular Optimization & Regeneration (COR) process. At the end of your Assessment, you will have a robust view of your baseline cellular health and recommendations for next steps.*

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Next Steps

Upon completion, you will have the option to continue working with BLI for ongoing care by participating in an annual subscription Program. The COR Program leverages the combined power of root-cause based foundational health with the specificity of peptide therapy in tandem to address baseline health needs through prescriptions, supplements, labs and more.

*Note: The Assessment concludes with a Plan of Action outlining recommendations for next steps. In order to move forward with the ordering of any recommended prescriptions, you must be on a Program or purchase one of our Peptide Packages.

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