What is it?

BLI’s cellular medicine-focused brain scan, analysis and review is for those looking to get a better understanding of their baseline brain health. Using next-generation WAVI brain scan technology, our team can give you a full analysis of brain function including, brain activity, processing power, auditory and reaction time, mood, focus and attention and cognitive impairment or decline.

WAVi Brain Scanner | Boulder Longevity Institute

Follow-Up Results Review

After your scan, you will be invited back for a follow-up appointment to review the results. Based on these results, one of our qualified experts will provide you a complete report on the status of your brain’s health and options for additional treatments, therapies, tests or scans to dig in deeper based on your specific goals or concerns.

Starting with a BLI Brain Scan is a good fit for those looking to optimize cognitive performance, prevent or slow cognitive decline, or evaluate a head injury or trauma.

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