Give The Gift of Health | Boulder Longevity Institute Holiday Gift Guide

In celebration of the upcoming holiday season, here are a few of Dr. Yurth’s favorite things to inspire you to give the gift of health this year! Each item has been discovered organically either through Dr.Yurth’s own research or that of our team. We genuinely believe in the products based on independent research and first-hand experience! 

My favorite health-related tech and gadgets.

Oura Ring

Apollo Neuro

My favorite go-to supplement, sugar alternative, and workout energizer!

Longevity Labs SpermidineLife

Use code HOLIDAYGIFTS15 for 15% off!*

OHP Trehalose Brain-Boosting Sugar

Use code HOLIDAYGIFTS15 for 15% off!*


My favorite office upgrades for better health.

Fehn Chair

Use code Boulder2021 to get $125 off!*

Uplift Desk

Verilux HappyLight

My favorite hydration, skincare, and red light therapy.


Skin Care from Dr. Loren Pickart

Use the Coupon Code: MERRY to get 10% OFF all Skin Signals products!*

Mito Red Light

Use code BLI for a 5% discount!*

My favorite resources for learning.

sYou’ve likely all heard me talk about our BLI Human Optimization Academy at some point – the Academy is where I share with you the latest science and research on the future of medicine! It was born out of the desire to provide people like YOU with the resources and education to be their own health advocate! To wrap up 2021 on a high note, use code GIFTOFHEALTH21 for 21% savings on new memberships.**

I met Dr. Goodenowe while attending the SSRP Brain Summit put on by one of my good friends, Dr. William Seeds. Dayan is an expert when it comes to the science of brain health and how we can prevent and reverse neurodegenerative diseases!

Use code EYURTH25 at checkout for 25% off your book order!*

*Most discounts valid through Dec 31, 2021. Some exclusions and restrictions may apply.

**Human Optimization Academy discount applies to initial payment whether monthly or annual. 

Visit the Human Optimization Academy - BLI's Educational Arm


Published December 3, 2021
Categories: Cellular Medicine

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