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What If You Could Take Control Of Your Aging Process?


We Can Show You How 

Boulder Longevity Institute offers our clients a complete range of unique, innovative, and personalized services. Our clients enjoy access to the most advanced, research-based longevity medicine available and not generally accessible through more traditional health care channels. We specialize in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Genomic Analysis, Regenerative Peptide Therapy and a results-oriented approach to optimizing your health.

  • Slow down and reverse the process of aging
  • Provide comprehensive individual treatment programs for men and women
  • Use the latest diagnostic testing to give you the best results
  • Provide nutritional guidance so you can eat right and make the right choices in your diet
  • Use Bio Identical Hormone Replacement



A New Model

The front edge of technological medicine is progressing much faster than traditional healthcare.  Our unique model connects you, the client, directly with the most advance and effective medical approaches available today.

Precision Medicine

All of our consultations, treatments, diagnostic tests, supplementation, and nutrition offerings are presented in a way that is totally unique in healthcare today: with a focus on you as a welcomed and respected client, and with a focus on not just making you feel better, but on making you feel the best you possibly can.

Feel Better Than Ever

We are a premiere anti-aging medical practice specializing in individualized age management regimens for men and women. Using cutting edge methods and a refreshingly friendly doctor-patient model, we help people feel better than they ever thought possible.  An incredible quality of life is still within your reach.

“Betsy, You are the best doctor! We do what we are gifted to do and if I had not found you, I’d still be in bed for half the day – sleeping!”


54 y.o. Female