If you are interested in Foundational Health or Medically-Managed Peptides, our comprehensive Cellular Optimization & Regeneration (COR) service offering evaluates all aspects of your health. Along this path, your BLI journey consists of two primary parts: Assessment and Program.

Stage 1: Assessment

BLI Assessments include your initial consult with your provider, a full panel of labs, and a follow-up lab review with your provider. Assessments are a one-time cost and usually are completed in 3-4 weeks.


1. Initial Consult with Your Provider

2. Labs Ordered & Shipped to You

3. Blood Drawn & Processed

4. Lab Review & Protocol Recommendation

What happens after your assesment?

Before you can receive any prescriptions (i.e. hormones, peptides) recommended by your provider, you must sign a formal program agreement, which will be sent electronically to your email.

This is necessary to cement the patient-provider relationship. You are under no obligation to continue on with a BLI program after your assessment. If you do move forward with BLI, you may move into whichever program type you want regardless of which assessment you completed.

Stage 2: Program

After your Assessment, you can continue on with a BLI Program. Programs offer access to your provider and care team, management and ordering of prescriptions, and access to our BLI Academy. Programs are run on the calendar year and prorated based on your start month. Payments can be made annually or monthly.

1. Receive Recommended Prescriptions


2. Check-In with Your Provider

3. Get Labs to Track Progress

4. Follow-Up & Review with Your Provider

If you are interested in our Next-Gen Regenerative Orthopedics services, including consults and procedures, your first step will be to schedule an Ortho Planning Consult. Then, depending on the direction you and your provider agree upon for your continued care, you may choose to pursue a follow-up appointment (i.e. Imaging Review, General Ortho Consult) or schedule a procedure.

Ready to feel better than ever?

We provide foundational health with a cellular lens for health-motivated individuals who seek to optimize their well-being.