“Maybe 17 years ago, as I was doing orthopaedics, I just started to feel like ‘oh my god, these people, much like myself with my injuries, never really get better’ right? You kind of get them sort of better – you have a broken leg, you can fix a broken leg and come back (to normal) but most injuries just end up being ongoing, nagging problems.”

Listen to Doing Epic Stuff Episode 31 to hear more from Dr. Yurth on:

  • Blue Zones
  • Longevity hacks
  • Community and its effect on your longevity
  • Epigenetics (modifying our genes)
  • Genetics misnomers
  • Why you should NEVER stop pumping iron
  • The best cardio format for longevity (hint; it isn’t running)
  • Where does Pilates fit in the longevity puzzle?
  • Powernaps: Good? Bad? Ugly?
  • The importance of restoring and maintaining your circadian rhythm and how to do it.
  • Fasting: why it’s good for us and recommended methods for optimal results
  • Sex: is ‘getting busy’ killing us?!
Doing Epic Stuff Podcast: LONGEVITY QUEST feat. Dr Elizabeth Yurth incl. tips to live Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger & Longer!


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