Nutrition Services


BLI’s Nutrition for Longevity Services offer comprehensive education and monitoring designed to ensure you are pursuing the optimal diet and nutrition needed to achieve maximum wellness, quality of life, and longevity.

BLI’s Nutrition for Longevity Services are based on the latest research in nutrition and longevity medicine and like all BLI offerings, offer a combination of analysis, education, coaching, and encouragement, not available through less advanced healthcare providers.

Services include:

  • Initial Consultation– An in-depth consultation with our highly trained certified nutrition therapist who will discuss your wants and needs for better dietary health.  You leave this appointment with a Diet Log to use to record your diet for a week.
  • Diet Review– An analysis of your personal nutrition log will provide a complete evaluation of your current nutrition intake.  This will include information on nutritional imbalances, deficiencies, at-risk eating habits, calorie intake, and more.  You also receive a diet plan, menus and recipes to help you embark on a better dietary path.
  • Follow-up Visits– During these informative visits you will review your progress towards your nutrition goals, continue your education on proper nutrition for longevity and wellness, and discuss with your nutritionist any concerns or day-to-day challenges you may be experiencing.
  • Grocery Store Walkabout (Individual or Groups)– This service takes you on a nutritionist-led tour of your favorite grocery store where you will learn, in a practical real-life setting, about the benefits of various foods, how to make the best nutritional choices, what ingredients to avoid, how to read and decipher labels, how to avoid food allergens, and other essential details as you shop to maintain wellness and longevity.

Dr. Yurth—-thank you for the informative visit last week! We appreciate your caring attention!


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