The Essential Role of pH and Alkalinity in Achieving Optimal Health

Achieving optimal health requires a comprehensive understanding of our body's intricate processes. pH and alkalinity play a significant role in maintaining a balanced internal environment. The Significance of pH and Alkalinity: pH measures how acidic or basic...

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Podcasts With Dr. Yurth

Bringing you tomorrow’s medicine today, listen to Dr. Yurth’s featured podcasts throughout the health industry. 

Dr. Yurth & The Hormone Hacker – Boosting Joint Mobility

Dr. Yurth & The Hormone Hacker – Boosting Joint Mobility

In this episode of the Hormone Hacker Podcast by Balance My Hormones, Dr. Yurth clears up misconceptions about "normal" wear and tear on your joints over time, and what we can do about it now. Watch the full episode below, and be sure to check out the related shorts!...

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Frequently Asked Questions

At BLI, we are passionate about empowering our patients with guidance and education so that they can advocate for their own health. As such, we want to work with anyone who is passionate about taking responsibility for their health journey and reaching their full potential. But before we get started, there’s a few things you should know to make sure we are a good fit for you and can effectively help you reach your goals.

Does BLI take insurance?

No, we are a cash-pay practice. Unfortunately, due to the fact that most insurance companies do not cover the advanced, leading-edge treatments we offer, we do not work with insurance companies for reimbursement of services.

Can I skip your Assessment phase and get straight into a Program?

No, you must complete a BLI Assessment prior to enrolling in one of our Programs. Your Assessment is a one time cost that allows us to establish your health baseline and allows you the opportunity to get to know your Provider and our Clinic before committing to an annual Program.

Can I just book an appointment and get the prescriptions I need?

No, we do not prescribe hormones or peptides to anyone who is seeing one of our Providers for a one-time appointment. In order to receive these scripts, you must be a part of one of our BLI Programs, as this allows us to provide ongoing care and management of your protocols. The only exception to this is if you are seeing us for an Orthopedic Consultation, we may prescribe you supplements or basic prescriptions you can pick up at your local pharmacy.

Can I See Dr. Yurth?

Yes, currently, Dr. Yurth is accepting new patients into her practice: However, she may move to a waitlist at any time as demand on her time increases with new patients and outside responsibilities. She continues to see and treat orthopedic patients and offers on and off-site procedures. Additionally, she has limited spots available for new HOP and HOP+ patients. 

In addition to Dr. Yurth, you can see any of our other providers who work closely alongside Dr. Yurth to offer the cutting-edge and high-quality care we pride ourselves on at BLI.

Access Premium Longevity Resources

The Human Optimization Academy is Boulder Longevity Institute’s educational arm, bringing the life-changing messages heard within BLI Clinic’s walls to a broader audience. This online education site provides a library of resources for understanding Longevity, Healthy Aging, and Human Optimization.