Foundational Health

Despite modern research enabling us to understand how our bodies work at an ever-increasing level of depth, our healthcare and medical systems struggle to mirror those findings and work at that deeper level. At BLI, we believe Foundational Health means looking not just at the root-cause of your symptom(s), but to look at the root cause of the root cause. Our services look at your symptoms, systems, and cells to create a comprehensive picture of your health, and more importantly to illuminate WHY and WHAT needs to happen to help you reach your optimal state.

BLI’s Foundational Health Services

Our Human Optimization Assessment and Program options serve as the starting point to create your BLI precision-medicine optimization plan, as well as to establish the baseline from which you can measure your progress towards reaching your human optimization goals.

All of our core service options (HOP, HOP+, MMPP) are structured similarly, with each including an Assessment followed by the option to continue working with BLI by participating in one of our annual subscription Programs.


Human Optimization Program (HOP)

Looks at overall foundational health in order to evaluate your baseline health status and improve overall health in core domains including: hormones, nutrition, adrenals, cardiometabolic, neurocognition, and genomics/epigenetics.

Combined Human Optimization Program Plus (HOP+)

Leverages the combined power of root-cause based foundational health management and the specificity of peptide therapy in tandem to address baseline health needs, while targeting key areas through the combined HOP+MMPP services.

BLI also offers Foundational Health Consultations for those looking to get guidance or feedback from our expert providers.

Foundational Planning Consults

Planning Consultations are designed for new, first-time clients to BLI who are looking for education and guidance about options available and the direction our expert providers would recommend. 

Planning Consults are not designed to diagnose or treat and no hormones or peptides will be prescribed/provided. Instead, our providers, using their extensive, leading edge knowledge of the latest diagnostic and treatment options, will work with the client to design a game plan with the best next steps to address a client’s specific concerns.

Foundational Health Consults

General Consultations are designed for existing clients or clients that have already had a Planning Consult to get additional guidance and education, review outside lab results, get a second opinion on an issue they are working with another physician on, have a follow-up consultation after pursuing recommended treatment options, or to get care in a domain outside of their current BLI Program (e.g. a HOP client looking for Orthopedic care).

Ready to feel better than ever?

We provide foundational health with a cellular lens for health-motivated individuals who seek to optimize their well-being.

Your Journey From Here

Stage 1: Assessment

BLI Assessments include your initial consult with your provider(s), a full panel of labs, and a follow-up lab review with your provider(s). Assessments are a one-time cost and usually are completed in 3-4 weeks.


1. Initial Consult with Your Provider

2. Labs Ordered & Shipped to You

3. Blood Drawn & Processed

4. Lab Review & Protocol Recommendation

What happens after your assesment?

Before you can receive any prescriptions (i.e. hormones, peptides) recommended by your provider, you must sign a formal program agreement, which will be sent electronically to your email.

This is necessary to cement the patient-provider relationship. You are under no obligation to continue on with a BLI program after your assessment. If you do move forward with BLI, you may move into whichever program type you want regardless of which assessment you completed.

Stage 2: Program

After your Assessment, you can continue on with a BLI program. Programs offer unlimited access to your provider, management and ordering of prescriptions, and access to our BLI Academy. Programs are run on the calendar year and prorated based on your start month. Payments can be made annually or monthly.

1. Receive Recommended Prescriptions


2. Check-In with Your Provider

3. Get Labs to Track Progress

4. Follow-Up & Review with Your Provider

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