Looking to get a better understanding of your baseline brain health and how to improve brain function? Worried about cognitive decline or disease as you age? Experienced a head injury or trauma and want to know when you can safely return to sport or activity?

Begin your journey to optimized brain health with a comprehensive brain scan. Based on these findings, one of our qualified experts can provide you a complete report on the status of your brain’s health and options for additional treatments, therapies, tests or scans to dig in deeper based on your specific goals or concerns.

WAVi Brain Scanner | Boulder Longevity Institute

Brain Health WAVI Scan


Includes WAVI Brain Scan + 30 Min Review of Results & Recommendations for Neurocognitive Optimization

WAVi is an all-in-one brain measurement platform that provides objective information about brain function. The WAVi system uses well-established evoked EEG technology to record electrical signatures of the brain, providing actionable, data-driven reports and insights on the detailed functioning of your brain.

This non-invasive scan can be completed in less than an hour and will provide key information on regional brain wave activity, processing power, reaction time, and coherence patterns, allowing for data-backed assessment of brain health and function.

After reviewing the results with one of our team’s qualified experts, you will leave with a roadmap of recommendations for how to achieve optimal brain health.

Additional Brain Health Service Options

Lab Testing Including:

  • Plasmalogen Testing
  • Neural Zoomer Testing
  • Genetic Testing
  • Proteomic Testing

Targeted Supplements & Peptides

  • Neuropeptide Infusions
  • Healing Peptide Packages
  • Brain Health Supplement Bundles

Devices including:

  • Brain Tap
  • GammaCore vNS