If you’re one of us ladies who isn’t going to let herself age without a fight, keep reading…

We’ve narrowed down our patients’ trickiest problem areas to come up with the Top 3 “Aging Tells” For Women Over 40.

Whether we’ll admit to it (or not), there are things that make a woman look like a lively 30-something, or teeter her towards 50 in anyone’s eyes. If you’re one of them… it feels like you’re fighting a losing battle against time. Suddenly you’re the woman that fades into the wallpaper.

Despite indulging in the normal anti-aging options – like expensive laser treatments to bimonthly botox appointments – it’s like there’s that one thing that makes us look “older.” That one little area that gives it away… and we can’t seem to fix it.

In the aesthetics side of our Longevity Institute, we help women look and feel better everyday using research-based methods not widely available to normal medi-spas.  And as it turns out, there are 3 main areas that, when fixed, change everything.
[thrive_headline_focus title=”3. Deep Smile & Marionette Lines” orientation=”left”]
When those infamous “11” lines take anchor, there’s no rubbing them away.  You may know them – they’re the deep crease that runs from either side of the nose, down towards the corner of the mouth.

When most women reach 40, they stretch DEEPER and grow more severe.  The mouth region is an older woman’s achilles heel!
In one client’s words, “When I started noticing my marionette lines settling in, I had a moment of panic. All of a sudden I looked so old.”

If you’ve ever been a smoker, it’s also an instant tell – it’s the pursed lips with tiny wrinkles emulating from them. They also make lips appear thinner and smaller — and, as we all know, fuller lips are an enviable sign of youth.

These lines like the marionette ones and the laugh lines can have another effect: they not only make you look older, but make you look angrier. We joke with clients that they’re the “get-off-my-lawn” look. And, that’s precisely the look you want to avoid as you get older!

So many women get frustrated with these lines around the lips as they age, some even turn to facelifts, which weirdly enough, don’t even directly affect those sagging lines.

But plastic surgery is too big an option for those little lines. And while botox can do the trick, it can be little scary with potential asymmetrical results, or worse- the infamous ‘droopy eye’ result. Our bio-magnetic heat treatment works incredibly well on those aging lines in particular.

[thrive_headline_focus title=”2. Jowls” orientation=”left”]
jowlsOk, we’ll say it – it’s the “bulldog cheeks”.
Your lower cheeks tend to show signs of aging rather quickly because it is just the reality of gravity and age related collagen loss.  When the skin begins to age, it not only loses collagen, but it loses elasticity and starts to look heavy.

If you have jowls – the long, loose skin folds hanging off the face – your skin just needs something to tighten it up – to get that youthful, smooth, lower cheek back.

But don’t go treatment crazy. Facelifts can work wonderfully for this area if you don’t mind the downtime, invasiveness, costs and risks.

Ok, on to our #1 aging tell – the one that’s probably the most obvious.

[thrive_headline_focus title=”1. Neck” orientation=”left”]
Here it is, ladies. The number one aging tell: the neck! The neck is the area that’s the most telling, and the hardest to monitor.

While the face may be perfectly cared for, if you look a little below the area, the neck will ALWAYS give away a woman’s authentic age.

We see this all the time in our practice. Nothing says over 50 like a drooping neck with sagging skin…

A sagging neck in an older woman is what’s become candidly known as the “turkey neck” phenomenon. Even though we’re so focused on the 101 other things that keep us looking young we often find nothing really “works” for our necks. Some of us do everything, but it just doesn’t work well enough.

Yes, peer just below the jawline on almost any woman – and you’ll see her deepest secrets.

Even though she may erase a few years when she’s asked how old she is, her neck will spell it all out. You’ll see where your skin runs dry, the wrinkles begin to set up home and all elasticity breaks loose! And, if you’re using turtlenecks to “cover it up”… you’ve already lost the battle :)


So, what are our options for fixing these aging “tells”?

Here’s the truth, ladies. We don’t have to age like our mothers (or our grandmothers). We have so many anti-aging options at our disposal.

As women, lots of the available treatments for them – you know the ones i’m talking about – botox, peels and lasers – only do so much.

Instead, it’s about picking proven treatments that have no downtime, no pain and haven’t made it on Oprah yet.

Most of us aren’t searching for just a “more youthful” face, but that suppleness unique to a select few proceedures: the glow, the healthy appearance and the firmness that lasts. If you’re on the quest for youthfulness then you’ve probably been in and out of treatment offices, doctor’s procedures, medical spas and consultations.

Most of them flat-out hurt, with deep burns or bloating that puts you “out of the game” for a while. And the bigger ones (like a facelift), while they may be the most “logical” option – mean you won’t be leaving your house anytime soon and your bank account will take a hit.

It’s about getting realistic results… results that mean you’ll be one of those women whose age isn’t obvious. You can’t quite tell. She could be 35, she could be 55.

It’s hard to feel yourself fading into the background, losing that “thing” that made you remarkable and surrendering to old age… yet, if you want to age without giving it all up (aka. you’re not throwing in the towel just yet) –>> here’s what we recommend to our clients.

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Published February 11, 2016

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