Sandy K Nutrition Podcast | Dr. Yurth Osteoarthritis Expert

Sandy K Nutrition hosts a healthy living podcast to talk about health and longevity for your 40’s, 50’s and beyond. Live your best life for your next 40.

Dr. Elizabeth Yurth is changing this narrative and helping those with osteoarthritis and chronic pain in ways the majority of these physicians don’t even consider.

Often we find in orthopedics, it is reactive rather than proactive, and then there is no choice but to replace that hip or that knee.

Why do we all assume that arthritic pain is simply a degenerative condition, inevitable for so many as we get older?

We get into all of it here – inflammation, what might be inflammatory markers, peptides and how they come into play and so much more.

If you suffer with arthritis, or even think you have the beginnings of arthritis, this is a must listen.

Listen to Episode #65

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Published June 21, 2021

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