Head to Toe Health for the Holidays

We’ve got your healthy holiday gift guide to help you launch into the new year as your healthiest self. Or better yet, share the gift of health with your loved ones to help everyone achieve their goals. Check out our gift ideas to cover you from head to toe!



Keeping your brain healthy and optimized is one of the most important things you can do to ensure you can achieve not just a long lifespan, but a healthspan full of vibrant memories and new ideas. Reach out to our clinic today to schedule your New Year’s WAVI scan and determine your brain’s baseline health and what you can do to optimize!

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If you’ve been following BLI for awhile, you’re no stranger to the importance of your circadian rhythm in overall health. It was less than 150 years ago when the invention of the lightbulb changed our relationship with light. Yet, for most of the history of mankind, we woke with the sun and slept with the darkness. Your primal brain is still hardwired to see and absorb different lengths of light at different times of the day. Consider hacking your light health with a TrueLight Luminaire that changes its light output around the sun’s clock!



Recently, our team has been talking a lot about an often overlooked aspect of our health: emotional well-being. More and more research is coming out showing that the body does indeed keep the score, and our emotions can impact us at a physical and cellular level. We had the opportunity to connect with the team at Liber8 not long ago and learn about their mission to bridge our emotional and physical health. Check out their Emotional Healing Package to learn more about the science behind emotion and start the journey to breaking down emotional barriers to your health.



Since we all know that our skin is our largest organ, it’s important to protect it the same way we focus on protecting our brains or our hearts. At BLI, we’re personally a fan of Young Goose’s skincare line combined with one of our favorite biohacks, Red Light! The benefits of red light extend beyond healthy, youthful skin but work deeper into the body to support healthy joints, cognition and more (learn more about the health benefits of different light in our blog).

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The world of gut health has gotten confusing…prebiotics, probiotics, postbiotics, antibiotics, sporebiotics… It’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t. With our partner, OHP Health, we’ve put together a recommended gut health protocol to help heal, restore and optimize your GI system. Read more about key supplements for gut health and use the code GUT15 to get 15% off your order of any gut health products! (Offer ends 1/31/24)



The holidays often have us spending time with family. Did you know that the health of both mother and father 6 to 12 months before conception can have a major influence on the health of the baby? If family planning is part of your 2024 vision, or if you are curious how to get to optimal health before conceiving to set your future child up for success, check out FertilityWize test by ClockWize or Give Legacy Sperm Testing to learn more about your reproductive readiness.



One of the things you’ll hear Dr. Yurth say over and over again is that our joints don’t “wear out” as we age. Instead, arthritis and chronic joint pain are signs of underlying inflammation that is treatable and manageable. If you or someone you know is still stuck in the old paradigm of orthopedics, thinking that your knee pain or sore back is simply an inevitable result of aging, then THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU! 

Checkout our Human Optimization Academy QuickCourse – Treating Joint & Back Pain: Beyond the Dark Ages. Use the code HOLIDAYGIFT23 for 50% off! (Offer ends 1/31/2024)



Our feet are our connection to the earth, but we’ve created a layer of separation between us and the healing powers of the ground through our increasingly padded shoes. To strengthen that connection, consider trying out some barefoot shoes, like those offered by Xero or simply grab your friends, family, dog or favorite book and step in some grass! Curious about the science behind grounding, check out our blog to learn more.

Head, shoulders, knees and toes – We hope you enjoy these holiday gifts beyond boxes and bows. Happy Holidays!

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