Foundational Health

Despite modern research enabling us to understand how our bodies work at an ever-increasing level of depth, our healthcare and medical systems struggle to mirror those findings and work at that deeper level. At BLI, we believe Foundational Health means looking not just at the root-cause of your symptom(s), but to look at the root cause of the root cause. Our services look at your symptoms, systems, and cells to create a comprehensive picture of your health, and more importantly to illuminate WHY and WHAT needs to happen to help you reach your optimal state.

BLI’s Foundational Health Services

We recommend beginning with a BLI Assessment. Our Assessment serves as the starting point to create your BLI precision-medicine optimization plan, as well as to establish the baseline from which you can measure your progress towards reaching your human optimization goals.

Following completion of your Assessment, you have the option to continue working with BLI by participating in an annual subscription Program. The BLI Program leverages the combined power of root-cause based foundational health management and the specificity of peptide therapy in tandem to address baseline health needs.

For those not ready to dive in fully, BLI also offers Foundational Health Consultations for those looking to get guidance or feedback from our expert providers:

Foundational Planning Consults

Planning Consultations are designed for new, first-time clients to BLI who are looking for education and guidance about options available and the direction our expert providers would recommend. 

Planning Consults are not designed to diagnose or treat and no hormones or peptides will be prescribed/provided. Instead, our providers, using their extensive, leading edge knowledge of the latest diagnostic and treatment options, will work with the client to design a game plan with the best next steps to address a client’s specific concerns.


Cellular Optimization

Looks at overall foundational health in order to evaluate your baseline health status and improve overall health in core domains including: hormones, nutrition, adrenals, cardiometabolic, neurocognition, and genomics/epigenetics.

Medically Managed Peptides

Using the rapidly evolving field of peptide science, we look at how these novel compounds work at the cellular level to support overall health and fundamentally shift the paradigm of aging and disease.

Your BLI Journey

Stage 1: Assessment

BLI Assessments include your initial consult with your provider, a full panel of labs, and a follow-up lab review with your provider. Assessments are a one-time cost and usually are completed in 3-4 weeks.


1. Initial Consult with Your Provider

2. Labs Ordered & Shipped to You

3. Blood Drawn & Processed

4. Lab Review & Protocol Recommendation

What happens after your assessment?

Before you can receive any prescriptions (i.e. hormones, peptides) recommended by your provider, you must sign a formal program agreement, which will be sent electronically to your email.

This is necessary to cement the patient-provider relationship. You are under no obligation to continue on with a BLI program after your assessment. If you do move forward with BLI, you may move into whichever program type you want regardless of which assessment you completed.

Stage 2: Program

After your Assessment, you can continue on with a BLI Program. Programs offer access to your provider and care team, management and ordering of prescriptions, and access to our BLI Academy. Programs are run on the calendar year and prorated based on your start month. Payments can be made annually or monthly.

1. Receive Recommended Prescriptions


2. Check-In with Your Provider

3. Get Labs to Track Progress

4. Follow-Up & Review with Your Provider


How do I know if I have a hormonal imbalance?

Hormones, including estrogens, androgens, and progesterone, which we all possess, are a critical piece of your overall health. Levels outside of optimal can lead to negative outcomes including disease.

As hormones are involved in most bodily processes, it can be difficult to diagnose an imbalance simply by listing off symptoms. Noticing “something is off” with no other reasonable explanation could be a valid reason to implore your physician to order hormone lab work.

We all have the same hormones, male and female alike. They come in varying dispersions, making it even more important to have a keen understanding of hormonal balance and metabolism. Having a keen understanding of your hormone lab results will aid in understanding if your hormone levels are inappropriate.

The symptoms that could indicate a change in your hormone levels are diverse and depend on the individual. Any noticeable, persistent change in how you feel should trigger you to take a closer look and discuss the changes with a physician. Hormonal imbalance can lead to sleep changes, metabolism change, and other symptoms that impact your overall health.

Unfortunately, outside of specific, triggering complaints to your primary care physician, hormone levels are rarely checked and almost never scrutinized closely enough. The first step in understanding if you have a hormonal imbalance is certainly requesting a comprehensive lab workup of your hormone levels.

How do you optimize your health?

Optimization is frequently defined as making something the best or getting the most efficient use of something. You can see how optimizing your health would certainly be beneficial.

Health and longevity go hand in hand. Thus, optimizing health is imperative to not only increasing your lifespan, but increasing your HEALTHSPAN, or the number of healthy years of your life spent doing what you love. Human optimization looks at overall foundational health in order to evaluate your baseline health status and improve overall health in core domains including: hormones, nutrition, adrenals, cardiometabolic, neurocognition, and genomics/epigenetics.

Understanding where you stand in these key areas and addressing deficiencies using the most advanced, efficient methods will allow you to optimize your health.

BLI’s Program leverages the combined power of root-cause based foundational health management and the specificity of peptide therapy in tandem to address baseline health needs. Health optimization requires an in-depth understanding of where you stand from a baseline perspective. Lab work and various other testing can tell you exactly where your body needs support for optimal health.

With a clear view of where you are, Boulder Longevity Institute can leverage its powerful knowledge by way of hormones, nutrients and medically managed peptides to support overall health. Additionally, you can focus on exercise, nutrition, and an appropriate circadian rhythm for a “DIY” optimization plan outside of the clinic.

The benefits of optimal health are obvious. Advances in medicine, like peptide science, are taking optimization to the next level and making it accessible and measurable.

Do you offer hormone replacement therapy (HRT)?

Yes, as part of our COR Program, you have access to bioidentical hormone replacement therapies (HRT), including testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and other key hormones, such as estrogen and progesterone. As we age, our body’s ability to produce critical hormones like testosterone, DHEA and estrogen significantly decreases. Unfortunately, many men and women reaching mid-life subscribe to a common myth that “hormone replacement therapy is dangerous.” When done safely using bioidentical (i.e. chemically identical) hormones and understanding your unique metabolic pathways, HRT not only helps to maintain the strength, attractiveness and vitality often thought to be luxuries of youth, but acts as a critical tool for combating aging-related disease.

How long does it take to balance hormones?

For those who aren’t feeling well, often hormonal imbalance is at the root of symptoms and the desire to rapidly get things back on track is understandable. Indeed, a certain level of impatience is reasonable.

However, optimizing hormones to get back sleep, libido, weight management and simply feeling well again depends on many factors including age, how far from optimal one’s levels are starting, diet, exercise and other health problems.

For instance a young person with simply a little low progesterone may feel better very quickly by adding a small nightly dose of bioidentical progesterone. On the other hand, finding optimal hormonal balance in somebody with multiple deficiencies and many health issues may take as long as 3 to 6 months to fine tune!

In general, We tell our clients to give a minimum of 3 months to reach a balance and feel the benefits, but it is often much faster.

In any case, taking the step to determine hormonal needs and seeking help in addressing those needs is the right direction. Working with experts like those at Boulder Longevity Institute can help you achieve balance over time with the ultimate goal of reaching optimal health.

At what age should I start worrying about hormone balance?

As science evolves and more discoveries are made, we are learning the importance of hormonal balance to overall health and longevity. Gone are the days of, “I’ll worry about that later,” when it comes to our health.

We now know that the decline in certain hormones can begin earlier in life. Melatonin declines can begin in the teenage years, DHEA (an anti-aging hormone) in the mid to late 20s, and growth hormone and testosterone can start to decline in our 20s.

Shifting the paradigm to consider longevity at a younger age is imperative to increasing our health spans. The process of aging indeed begins in the womb. An interesting study found that giving pregnant mothers antioxidants seemed to slow aging for the offspring as they entered adulthood.

The knowledge that we can intervene early gives us the power to begin addressing hormonal needs and balance appropriately before damage sets in. Simply put, NOW is the time to begin addressing your longevity – no matter what age.

Taking the step of making positive choices as early as possible – diet, exercise, sleep – can set you on a path for healthy aging. Seeking the help of experts at the Boulder Longevity Institute can help guide you in addressing the endocrine system for optimal health.

Ready to feel better than ever?

We provide foundational health with a cellular lens for health-motivated individuals who seek to optimize their well-being.