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About Our Services

What services do you offer?

BLI’s primary services include:   

Core Program

  • Our Human Optimization Assessment and Program options serve as the starting point to create your BLI precision-medicine optimization plan, as well as to establish the baseline from which you can measure your progress towards reaching your human optimization goals.
  • Our core offering is know as our Human Optimization Program Plus or HOP+ and includes an Assessment followed by the option to continue working with BLI by participating in an annual subscription Programs. HOP+ leverages the combined power of root-cause based foundational health management and the specificity of peptide therapy in tandem to address baseline health needs.

Next-Gen Regenerative Orthopedics

  • Our Next-Generation Regenerative services use the absolute latest in  musculoskeletal and longevity regenerative procedures and agents to provide  orthopedic and systemic regenerative support. We use the latest in regenerative  biologics including: PRP, PRFM, A2M, and other advanced biologics. 
  • Our Next-Generation Orthopedic services provide leading edge orthopedic  diagnostic and treatment services through the unique lens of an expert fellowship  trained in Sports & Spine Orthopedics, Functional & Regenerative Medicine, and  Cellular Medicine. 


  • BLI also offers Orthopedic and Foundational Health consults to meet with a provider and receive general guidance and advice.

Do you offer bioidentical hormones?

Yes. BLI provides bioidentical hormones as part of our Human Optimization Program. In addition, unlike many other clinics, we track your hormones using Hormone Metabolite Testing, the gold standard to ensure hormones are being utilized in safe, protective, and beneficial metabolic pathways.

Do you offer hormone pellets?

No. BLI treats each client as an individual fingerprint. Part of that approach is to be able to easily modify treatment protocols and dosages based on changing circumstances. Hormone pellet therapy does not allow BLI, or the client, to easily make these changes.

Do you offer peptide therapies?

Yes. BLI has been providing peptide treatments since 2017 and this has given us some of the most expansive clinical experience in the country. Our Medical Director, Elizabeth Yurth, MD, ABPMR, ABAARM, FAARM, FAARFM has served on the faculty of both the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) and the International Peptide Society (IPS) where she taught peptide certification courses to other physicians. She is currently a national lecturer and faculty member for the prestigious Seeds Scientific Research and Performance (SSRP) Institute, one of the premier Cellular Medicine research and education institutes in the country, where she is also completing her fifth and most recent Fellowship in Cellular and Regenerative Medicine.

Our providers and care teams have extensive training in peptide therapy, including certification through The Seeds Scientific Research & Performance Institute (SSRP) and ongoing training through additional courses, conferences and lectures.

Do you offer PRP, PRFM, and other biologic regenerative therapies?

Yes. Dr. Yurth has been involved with these and other advanced regenerative therapies as part of her orthopedic practice for many years and is one of the premier regenerative orthopedists in the nation. In addition to use in musculoskeletal regenerative procedures, BLI is incorporating some of these regenerative therapies into systemic longevity protocols that are emerging as some of the most impactful anti-aging therapies available today.

Do you offer nutritional supplements?

Yes. BLI has an entire offering of supplements curated and vetted by Dr. Yurth for optimal efficacy and quality. Go to to see our complete selection of available supplements and products.

How We Work

How are your services structured?

Our core Human Optimization services have two key components: Assessment → Program

Prior to enrolling in a BLI Program (Human Optimization Program Plus or HOP+), you will need to complete a BLI Assessment. The Assessment is a standalone, one-time cost that includes an Initial Consult, a comprehensive lab panel, and a Lab Review & Protocol Recommendation appointment. Upon completing your Assessment, you have the choice to then continue with a Program (or not).

What is included in a BLI assessment?

An Assessment includes 2 appointments and a curated, comprehensive lab panel. The Assessment process is as follows:

  • You will meet with a BLI Provider for an Initial Consult to discuss goals, concerns, and medical history.
  • Then, you will be given a Lab Order for a curated Lab Panel designed specifically to provide the baseline information needed to define a safe, medically managed treatment protocol.
  • Once your lab results are in, you will meet with your Provider for your Lab Review and Protocol Recommendation visit to define your fully personalized treatment protocol moving forward.
  • After this appointment, your Assessment is complete. Our commitment to you is you will know more about your baseline physiological health than ever before. Now you can decide if you want to continue with BLI in an ongoing Program, just keep your Assessment for future reference, or even take your information to another provider. It’s your call.

After the Assessment, the overwhelming majority of Clients typically move into an Optimization Program with BLI. BLI’s ongoing Programs provide continued care and generally run for the calendar year (prorated for mid-year start dates). While in a Program, you will have unlimited provider access, follow-up lab reviews for your specific treatment protocol, and prescription management. Our Programs do not include medications, the cost of follow-up labs, or supplements. For specific details on each Program, call the BLI office at 303-443-0848 or schedule a BLI Info Consult here.

Can I just do an assessment without committing to a full program?

Yes. The BLI Assessment Process and a monthly subscription to an Optimization Program are two separate services. You can just do an Assessment without subscribing to a Program.

Can I buy peptides or get prescriptions from you without registering for a BLI program or package?

No. BLI prides itself in providing medically managed, leading-edge, treatment therapies, and protocols. Our level of personalized care is unparalleled and cannot be provided with a set-it-and-forget-it approach.

In order to get any compounded prescriptions ordered from your BLI Provider, we require you to be on a BLI Program. As most prescriptions require ongoing check-in and review to ensure their safety and efficacy, it is important to have an established relationship with your Provider to manage your prescription protocols. We require a three month minimum commitment for being on one of our Programs in order to give time for new protocols to take effect and measure results.

There are a few exceptions to this when it comes to general scripts (non-compounded) that are sent into your local pharmacy; however, all compounded medications (i.e. hormones, peptides) will not be prescribed unless you are on a Program.

Can I just book an appointment with a provider?

Yes. We do provide Planning Consults and hourly-rate follow-up appointments with any of our providers for clients who want to get more in-depth information about their specific situation before embarking on an Assessment, Regenerative Procedure, or other services. These appointments serve to provide guidance and recommendation.

However, to be on a prescription-based protocol, you must participate in Program-based care. We have been working with clients since 2006 on their journey to optimal health, and have seen that the most effective way to achieve optimal outcomes is to structure care as an ongoing Program that encourages maximum provider interaction and client follow-up.

Who will be my provider?

Depending on the current availability of our providers, you will work with a Primary Provider alongside support from a Care Coordinator. As part of the Human Optimization Program Plus (HOP+), you will have quarterly appointments with your Provider to review labs and discuss your goals and concerns. In addition, you will have access to the entire BLI care team, including a dedicated Care Coordinator, who will serve as your liaison to help you navigate your treatment protocols and recommendations. You can find all of BLI Provider’s bios on our website here.

Can I see Dr. Yurth?

Dr. Yurth is available for hourly Orthopedic, Regenerative, Foundational Health (hormone, nutrition, cardiometabolic, etc.), or General Consultations. She is also available for a complete array of Next-Generation Regenerative Orthopedic procedures using PRP, PRFM, A2M, and other leading-edge protocols. Our Next-Generation Regenerative Orthopedic Services are provided with the unique combined lens of Orthopedics, Regenerative/Functional, and Cellular Medicine allowing us to optimize the efficacy of and investment in the regenerative procedure.

Dr. Yurth is currently NOT accepting new Program clients (HOP+), though interested clients can get on a waitlist to be notified if space opens up. If you would like more information, please contact the office at 303-443-0848 or set up a BLI Info Consult here.

Dr. Yurth is also available for speaking engagements, podcast appearances, and other media engagements. Please contact us directly for information on availability and fees.

Getting Started

I’m ready to go! How do I get started?

Ready to get started? Complete the New Patient Inquiry Form and someone from our team will reach out to you with next steps. You can also call us during our business hours (9:00am to 5:00pm MT, Mon-Thurs) at 303- 443-0848 to talk to a staff member and get registered in about 5 minutes!

I still have questions. How can I get more information?

Call us during our business hours (9:00am to 5:00pm MT, Mon-Thurs) at 303- 443-0848 to talk to a staff member and get your questions answered.

OR Click Here to schedule a 20-minute BLI Info Consult to get your questions answered and discuss what’s next, including a possible Program-specific Complimentary Consult with a Provider.

For more detailed information on the amazing world of functional, regenerative, and cellular medicine visit our education site BLI.Academy. Here you will find amazing videos, podcasts, blog posts, and more about the amazing world of Tomorrow’s Medicine Today!

Telemedicine, Out of State, and International

Do you have telemedicine-based services at BLI?

BLI has been providing telemedicine services to clients all over the country for years (way before Covid made it standard practice). This expertise has allowed us to provide our extraordinary level of regenerative functional medicine, regardless of the circumstances. There are two key factors in our ability to provide telemedicine services:

1. If our Medical Director is licensed in your state of residence, or 2. If we have established, or are maintaining, an in-person client relationship (e.g. through a previous visit to our clinic).

What states are you licensed in?

Dr. Yurth, our Medical Director, is currently licensed in all states EXCEPT those listed below. If you live in any of the below listed states, you will need to come see us in-person at minimum once per year.

Alaska, Arkansas, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Indiana, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Virginia and the US Territories.

We continue to add states as demand and/or simplified licensing allow. Please feel free to call us to see if we have added your state. We can provide full telemedicine services, including consultations and prescriptions, to any state where Dr. Yurth has a medical license.

I’m in a state you are not licensed, can I still work with you?

In order to work with a client who resides in a state where Dr. Yurth does not have  a medical license, we must first establish a direct in-person relationship with that client. That means you would need to travel to beautiful Boulder, Colorado, and meet with us in person. Once we establish a direct patient relationship with you, we can  continue care via telemedicine video appointments. Our ability to continue working  with you requires ongoing re-establishment of this direct in-person relationship.  Generally, this means you will need to meet with your provider in person at least annually.

We are happy to work with you on details for your visit including providing  recommendations on accommodations, dining, and all the amazing things to do and  see in the Boulder, Colorado area. Check out our Visit Us page to learn more!

What if I am out of the country, can I still work with you?

We have numerous international clients and because of the structure of international law can work with these clients on a full-service telemedicine basis (of course we would still love to have you for a visit). We have even developed the capability to provide US-based labs to these international clients (currently in Canada, Australia, and Europe) solving the inability to get these specialized labs in many countries.

The one big difference is prescriptions. Because prescriptions must pass through customs when they are shipped, this can create delays – we only ship prescriptions that do not need refrigeration to international locations – this includes using lyophilized (powdered) peptides which can be reconstituted with water by the client.


What is the difference between a compounding pharmacy and a standard, brick-and-mortar pharmacy?

A compounding pharmacy and a standard brick-and-mortar pharmacy have distinct differences in terms of their focus, services, and offerings:

Compounding Pharmacy:

A compounding pharmacy specializes in preparing customized medications tailored to meet specific patient needs. These pharmacies can create medications that are not commercially available, often by mixing or altering the ingredients and dosage forms to match a patient’s unique requirements. Compounding pharmacists work closely with healthcare providers and patients to formulate medications in various forms such as creams, capsules, liquids, gels, troches, and more. Compounding is particularly useful when a patient requires a specific dosage, combination of medications, or has allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients.

Standard Brick-and-Mortar Pharmacy:

A standard brick-and-mortar pharmacy, also known as a retail pharmacy or community pharmacy, typically dispenses commercially manufactured medications that are approved by regulatory authorities such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These pharmacies provide a wide range of prescription and over-the-counter medications, along with other healthcare products like vitamins, supplements, personal care items, and health-related services like flu shots and consultation with pharmacists. They focus on filling prescriptions accurately, providing information to patients about their medications, and offering general healthcare advice.

In summary, compounding pharmacies specialize in customizing medications for specific patient needs, while standard pharmacies focus on dispensing commercially available medications and providing general pharmaceutical services.

Can all compounding pharmacies compound peptides?

No, because many peptides are delivered directly into the body via injection or inhalation, only compounding pharmacies that have certification to compound sterile medications can compound peptides. Some peptides are delivered as capsules or creams, in which case they do not require sterile compounding.

What is the difference between sterile and non-sterile compounding?

Sterile Compounding Pharmacy:

  • Sterile compounding pharmacies specialize in preparing medications that need to be compounded in a sterile environment, free from any microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. These medications are intended for injection, infusion, inhalation, or other routes that directly introduce the medication into the body.
  • Sterile compounding involves aseptic techniques to prevent contamination. This means maintaining a highly controlled and sterile environment to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the medications.
  • Sterile compounding pharmacies must comply with strict USP 797 regulations that govern every aspect of the compounding process from room design, air flow, handling, cleaning, and more.

Non-Sterile Compounding Pharmacy:

Non-sterile compounding pharmacies prepare medications that do not require a sterile environment because they are not intended to be introduced directly into the body through sterile routes. These medications include creams, ointments, capsules, liquids, troches, and other dosage forms.

  • While non-sterile compounding doesn’t require the same level of sterility as sterile compounding, it still involves strict quality control measures to ensure the accuracy of ingredients, dosages, and the final product’s quality.
  • Medications prepared by non-sterile compounding pharmacies might include topical creams, oral suspensions, flavored liquids, custom dosage forms, and other non-injectable formulations.

It’s important to note that both sterile and non-sterile compounding pharmacies must adhere to regulatory standards and guidelines to ensure patient safety. Regulations and standards can vary by region, and compounding pharmacies need to maintain the necessary equipment, facilities, training, and quality control measures to ensure that compounded medications are safe, effective, and appropriate for patients’ needs.

How does BLI choose which compounding pharmacies to work with?

BLI works with many of the top, most established pharmacies in the compounding medication space. BLI reviews each pharmacy partner fully and establishes direct relationship with the pharmacy teams. Many of our pharmacy partners are well-established in the Cellular Medicine field and can often be found speaking at Cellular Medicine conferences, collaborating with top researchers on peptides, and supplying peptides to many practices across the country.

Why does BLI work with multiple compounding pharmacies?

Each compounding pharmacy has a slightly different formulary, with certain medications only being compounded by one pharmacy partner. This is a result of state-specific regulation and pharmacy-specific restrictions in labor, infrastructure, budget, etc. In order to access the full range of different, novel medications our providers recommend, we have to work with up to 10 different compounding pharmacies who all have slightly different formularies.

Can compounding pharmacies ship directly to me?

Due to challenges getting licensed in different states, each pharmacy partner has different capabilities in terms of which states they can directly ship into based on which states they are licensed in. By working with multiple pharmacies across the country, we are able to directly ship many medications to our clients without the need to first pass through the clinic. However, depending on the state you live in, direct shipment may not be available. Most notable is California, which has a strict regulatory structure that discourages most compounding pharmacies from seeking licensure. 

Why can’t I just buy my peptides online for cheaper?

Peptides used for peptide therapies are drugs for human use. They require a prescription from a licensed practitioner and must be dispensed by a pharmacy.

If you have been offered the opportunity to purchase peptides without a prescription, consider it a red flag. All peptides available for purchase online must be marked “For Research Purposes Only.” There are no “generic” options like over-the-counter medications have. Though the peptides you find online may be high-quality, sterile and safe, you simply don’t know. Companies selling injectable peptides without a prescription or at a significant discount are likely peddling low-quality, ineffective, or unsterile products. Those offering “premixed” peptides in a syringe are clearly illegitimate, as we know peptides are fragile and can change entirely when mixed. Sourcing peptides from a regulated, approved compounding pharmacy is the best way to ensure safety and efficacy of your peptides.

Why is it taking so long for my prescription to arrive to me?

Remember, peptides and many other cellular medicine drugs are custom compounded to order. This means that a prescription is sent into a pharmacy and added to the queue to compound, test, and ship. To comply with FDA regulations, pharmacies must take extra caution in each step of this process to document and fulfill an order. The reason the issue has become more pronounced in recent months is that there has been explosive growth in the arena of peptides and longevity medicine broadly (just think about the mass media attention semaglutide has been getting) and compounding pharmacies have become overwhelmingly busy. Compounding pharmacies were not set up operationally to scale at the rate they have needed to in order to keep up with this demand. This increase in demand, compounded by labor challenges, supply chain issues, and ingredient shortages has led wait times to go from days to weeks, and customer service to suffer. As improvements in technology continue to make their way to this industry, scalability and efficiencies will be seen.