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The Newest Longevity Resource Is Available At Your Fingertips

Have you ever been in a group conversation and someone starts referring to an inside joke, singling you out as uninvolved? Despite your best efforts, it is impossible to inject yourself into the moment.

The world of functional medicine, and healthcare in general, is full of terms that may sound like a foreign language. This can lead to a significant case of white coat syndrome or the feeling of being in the dark, as you sit and listen to words and phrases that make little to no sense in your mind.

Boulder Longevity Institute prides itself on providing leading-edge care while allowing their clients to move from passenger to pilot in taking control of their health.

One way BLI is making their expertise more accessible: the new website. Born from a client recommendation, the experts in foundational health at Boulder Longevity Institute have meticulously crafted a comprehensive glossary of terms you might hear in their facilities. 

This tool represents more than a simple dictionary – it is useful for healthcare professionals, clients, patients, and the simply curious, alike. 

Courtney Van Bussum, Director of Strategic Relations at Boulder Longevity Institute, recounts instances where onboarding new staff felt like a multi-week language immersion program. The glossary provides staff and clinicians alike a one-stop shop for useful information. offers the opportunity to quickly access explanations and definitions for a vast number of medical and scientific terms, while also providing lookup by category and a word-of-the-day feature. 

Boulder Longevity Institute stands at the forefront of foundational healthcare and additions like demonstrate their responsiveness to the needs of their clients, colleagues, and the greater healthcare community.

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Published May 27, 2023
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