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Peptides and peptide therapies have rapidly gone from a bit of an underground, misunderstood medical marvel that was reserved for bodybuilders and human optimizers to suddenly appearing on the shelves of Target stores.

We often see the term peptide creeping up when discussing creams or oils that promise refined skin that no longer shows the telltale signs of aging – sagging, wrinkling, and discoloration – by way of collagen supplementation. Initially, these creams featured collagen, but many people figured this would not work, given the size of a collagen molecule.

Enter: Collagen peptides! These short chains of amino acids that make up the protein collagen (the most plentiful protein in the human body) are now featured in magazines, advertisements, and social media posts ad nauseum. 

As one might expect, these over-the-counter, no prescription required wonder drugs are wildly unpredictable when we consider their efficacy. Unfortunately, over-the-counter peptides are essentially unregulated, meaning they could be ineffective, misrepresented, or simply fake.

This can lead to an unfortunately skeptical view of peptides in general. When people attempt to “go it alone” into the world of peptides, they often come out the other side disappointed and jaded. 

Medically managed peptides represent the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of peptide therapy while avoiding the pitfalls of over-the-counter, unguided peptide experiences. 

Peptide programs should be tailored to the individual for efficacy and safety. This is where medically managed peptide therapy programs, like those offered at the Boulder Longevity Institute, step in. 

For an effective therapy protocol to be developed, multiple factors regarding the client must be considered. Labs should be reviewed extensively, allowing for appropriate planning while avoiding unintentional exacerbation of an underlying issue.

The vast knowledge of experts like Dr. Elizabeth Yurth, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer at Boulder Longevity Institute, are irreplaceable when it comes to selecting, implementing, and evaluating an appropriate peptide therapy.

Medically managed peptides are regulated by the FDA, require a prescription, and are compounded in pharmacies held to the highest standards for their production protocols. This allows for the complete control necessary to create an effective peptide management program.

Many take the DIY route to avoid the perceived costs of medically managed programs. This does not take into account the true costs of self-guided peptide therapies – risk, ineffectiveness, and trial-and-error methodology. 

The rise in popularity has proven beneficial to the world of peptides, resulting in more research, accessibility, and better outcomes. To truly experience the benefits of peptide therapy, visit a certified peptide specialist who can determine what might work for you based on their experience and medical expertise. 

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Published May 16, 2023

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