Ever wondered if there’s an alternative to major orthopedic surgery? Are you looking for options beyond the standard medicine approaches of scoping or total joint replacement? Orthopedic diseases like osteoarthritis are particularly debilitating because they slowly build in both pressure and pain, especially when proper prevention techniques are left out of your standard medical treatment plan. The frustrating rubberband effect of standard orthopedic medicine leaves most people with only two options: chemically-controlled pain management or major reconstructive surgery. At Boulder Longevity Institute (BLI), we offer our clients multiple avenues toward pain-free living and healthy orthopedic management. With a keen eye for prevention and years of experience in orthopedic medicine, BLI’s orthopedic Providers focus their care on researched-backed treatments aimed at creating a healthy space for orthopedic injuries to heal and gain back their strength. We believe that arthritis and joint pain is a disease that we can address – and even reverse – when we look at the root cause. Explore BLI’s orthopedic articles and gain insight into the latest tips and techniques for enhancing your orthopedic wellness. Interested in self-paced, self-led wellness courses to help bolster your strength and orthopedic fortitude? Sign up for BLI’s Human Optimization Academy – your first month is free!

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