A new journey begins for me as I transition from splitting my time between my orthopedic practice and BLI, to a full-time Medical Director role at BLI.   As most of you know, I founded BLI over fourteen years ago as a place to explore the evolving frontiers of medicine and treat patients using all of the new and rapidly developing science. BLI has grown into a nationally recognized leader in regenerative medicine, and it is a place where I can give patients the time and the comprehensive and forward-thinking care that they deserve.

I am excited to be practicing a more advanced form of next-generation regenerative orthopedics at BLI – one that uniquely combines my deep knowledge and experience in orthopedic, functional/regenerative, and cellular medicine and that incorporates the latest cutting edge therapies to treat orthopedic injuries, back pain, arthritis, and the general challenges of aging.

I am also thrilled to have more time to educate, as our mission at BLI is to encourage people to take back control of their health. In fact, we created an online education site called the Human Optimization Academy (BLI.Academy) to have a place where people can learn about basic foundational health, as well as stay abreast of the latest advances in regenerative medicine that are unlike anything else being done in this field!  

Thank you so much for your trust and support in this transition. I am looking forward to sharing my passion with you in this next chapter of my life.

PS:  Click here to see a copy of BLI’s Press Release announcing my transition!

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