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Boulder Longevity Institute (BLI) was born out of the need to practice better medicine. It often takes years for the latest science and research to make its way to clinical application, and BLI believes in bridging that gap by offering our clients the most cutting-edge, science-backed treatment options in a guided, clinical environment. So what makes our clinic different?


Data-Driven but Human First

We don’t dump a binder of data at your feet and wish you good luck. Rather, we listen, collaborate, and communicate with you to understand your unique needs in light of the data and results to create actionable plans and align on the next steps. We structure our programs annually in order to ensure we continue to check-in and provide guidance along your journey.


Root Cause of Root Cause Approach

First, there was Traditional or Western Medicine, which looked at treating the symptom. People got tired of not seeing results, so they turned to Functional Medicine, which preached it looked at the system beneath the symptom or the “root cause.” Functional Medicine then became diluted and confused by the adoption of Holistic or Alternative or Naturopathic Medicine. Each a discipline looking behind the symptom, but each still claiming the system to be the root cause. BLI believes in Cellular Medicine – the approach to healthcare that involves looking at the cellular pathways and behaviors that cross over multiple systems. In other words, the root cause of the root cause. 


Next Generation Regenerative Orthopedics

We combine our deep roots in foundational health with a passion for orthopedic and sports medicine to offer treatment options beyond just surgery or steroids and that look at injury as a systemic issue that can not only be managed but treated. When we think about back and joint pain as a result of chronic inflammation, we are able to address the core issues rather than put band-aid fixes on an injury that will continue to resurface. 


Educators as well as Students

Our Providers serve as Educators who actively seek to not only inform but explain so that you may understand and advocate for your own health. Our Providers are also Students. We believe that healthcare providers should never stop learning. A medical degree obtained decades ago did not cover many of the topics important in today’s modern medical landscape. Science and research is always evolving, and therefore our Providers are always learning. We prioritize continued education and our Providers attend multiple conferences and courses each year, while continually pursuing additional Fellowships, Certifications, or Accreditations.

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Published January 22, 2022
Categories: Cellular Medicine

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